FIBRE Menswear is a British clothing brand sourcing sustainable, fair-trade fabrics from across the world. Based in London, the company creates garments combining streetwear and classic British styles, whilst ensuring that those who supply the resources are treated ethically. The company serves a fairly high-end market serving customers interested in fashion who also care about the product supply chain. 
I was commissioned to create a logo which could be used at various sizes, across a multitude of assets, ranging from marketing materials to clothing packaging.
The Solution
Colours and Typography
To convey the high end market of the company, a deep blue was chosen to be used as a primary colour for marketing materials. This was also used to create a pattern which could be used as a supporting asset, such as the inside of jackets and stationary. 

Zefani Sans was chosen as the logotype to convey the classical nature of the garments, whilst Libre Baskerville was chosen for body text due to its complimentary nature.
Using the idea of a handloom as inspiration I created a logomark that can be used at multiple sizes across the venue, from the collar label where it can be used at full size, to small garment tags on the arms of garments. The colours compliment the identity of the company without detracting attention away from the focus of the brand itself - the garment and their ethical supply chain. 
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