Illusive is an up-and-coming Kent based Drum & Bass DJ specialising in the ‘Neurofunk’ and ‘Deep Rollers’ sub-genres. Having consistently released monthly mixes through his Soundcloud page he has gained a enthusiastic following and has begun to take his talent to venues, playing shows across London.
I was commissioned to create a new logo that could be printed across a range of mediums at a range of sizes from merchandise and clothing, to larger sizes such as being used a backdrop for live performances.
Initial ideas
The Solution

As such, I created a word mark that focused on the idea of being elusive, 
obscure and mysterious, knowing that I could implement visual techniques due to its larger size that would not normally be possible at smaller sizes due to legibility restraints, such as incorporating the colour divide, and so I also created multiple versions that could be used when legibility would be compromised. 

Alternative Logo
Colours and Typography
The logo utilises rich white and rich black as its primary colours where each can be used depending on the contrast ratio with background content, whilst the typeface, 'Nimbus Sans', allows for easily readability at various sizes.
The final result allows for Illusive to slot comfortably into the existing genre with a wordmark that is simple yet easily adaptable, alongside conveying the idea of obscurity and mystery evoked by the effects of objects such as strobe lights. The simple and expandable nature of the logo means that there is plenty of room in the future for more merchandising and branding opportunities.
Instagram: @Dan_Steventon

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